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Are you thinking, “I thought all kimchi is vegan?” Then you would be incorrect. Typically kimchi is made with fish sauce and/or salted shrimp.  We focused on offering a plant based substitution instead; plus we find it lazy just to leave it out. Instead we developed our own proprietary Umami Mix to bring that enhanced umami flavor using plant based ingredients.   With a combination of mushrooms and different blends of sea vegetables we deliver a true vegan alternative.

Madge’s makes kimchi ‘old-school’ style. We added a couple more ingredients to our kimchi for more flavor.  Plus we ferment longer for better health benefits. IF your used to fresh kimchi like you typically get at restaurants, then you may not enjoy the added sourness that our kimchi offers.  You will notice that we don’t add any additional sugar. This a NO-SUGAR-ADDED kimchi.

This variation is our MILD version. If you want more of that authentic Korean heat check out our Spicy Vegan Kimchi.

Remember to keep this refrigerated and will last up to one year in your refrigerator, though you’ll probably finish off the entire jar in a few sittings.

MADE WITH: Napa Cabbage, Daikon Radish, Green Onions, Asian Chives, Korean Red Pepper, Garlic, Ginger, Umami Mix, Sweet Rice Flour

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