About Us

Founders Mike and Jody Miller


Started out as a family business honoring our maternal legacy; Grandma "Madge". Madge made a tomato jam and bread & butter pickles that I loved as a kid. But nothing even close could come close to Madge's versions. So, we decided to make them ourselves. We did and Madge's Food Company became a company.

Jody being a Special Education Teacher thought we could do better and make healthier food. In her studies she realized the importance of healthy foods and learning abilities.  That's when we learned about fermenting and fully immersed ourselves in crafting the best and healthiest fermented foods and beverages we could.

Our products have been tested in special education classrooms and South-Texas oilfields. Our foods are for everyone who needs better gut health. 

That's our starting story, BUT our journey is only getting started. 

Come be a part of the journey.  We are determined to change the world "One Billion" microbes at a time.