Rainbow Sauerkraut | Raw 15 oz.

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    • All-Natural Ingredients

    • We Use Pink Himalayan Salt for an increase of trace minerals

    • Fermented Naturally- We never use vinegar or preservatives.

  • RAW- Live fermented food filled with Billions of gut healthy microbes (probiotics)

Looking for a gut healthy fermented sauerkraut that's not boring?

Brighten up your meal with this Rainbow Fermented Sauerkraut. Using organic red cabbage, organic green cabbage, and organic carrots will make your gut healthy meals pop with color.  Plus, we are big fans of great salts and use Pink Himalayan Salt in all our sauerkraut for increased mineral intake.

We crafted this gut healthy fermented sauerkraut as a homage to Texas BBQ coleslaw. We use natural wild fermentation instead of vinegar and sugar.  As a result, this makes this gut healthy fermented sauerkraut a probiotic rich side to any meal. Highly recommended to throw on a pulled-pork sandwich, or the classic Sloppy Joe, or even straight out of the jar. Plus, great with all your veggie options too.

Here are some know health benefits of gut healthy fermented sauerkraut:

    • Boosts immune system

    • Reduces risk of heart disease

    • Aids in energy production in body

    • Helps maintaining a healthy heart

    • Beneficial in building stronger bones

    • Increases the bioavailability of vitamins and minerals

    • Promotes weight loss because low calorie and high fiber

Ingredients: Organic Red Cabbage, Organic Green Cabbage, Carrots, Celery Seed, Pink Himalayan Salt

Storage & Handling:  Store in refrigerator for longest shelf-life.

Shelf Life:  9 months Refrigerated (will last longer, subject to personal taste and texture preferences)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Michael White
Rainbow Sauerkraut

Decided to try something other than the vegan kimchi. Crazy good flavor. Best kimchi and sauerkraut i ever had the pleasure of consuming. Top of the line products. Sometimes orders might fall through the cracks, but Madge's Food is well worth the wait!!

Michael D
Rainbow Kraut

Another winner here for the Madges Crew. Broke out the new bottle when family was over for burgers and we consumed the entire thing in 10 minutes, it tastes incredible. Only sad thing is that I didn't have a back-up.