Spicy Vegan Kimchi 15 oz. | No-Seafood!

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Spicy Vegan Kimchi- No Sugar | Glass Jar| 15 oz is a healthy condiment that can be used in traditional ways, such as a side dish, fried rice, stews or unconventionally like hot dog toppings, sliders, blended in mashed potatoes, e.g. Frankly you will want to eat it straight out of the jar.

Benefits of Spicy Vegan Kimchi may include:

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Think you’ll miss that umami flavor without salted shrimp or fish sauce? We got that covered. We add a propriety blend of mushrooms and Organic sea vegetables to make your mouth water. What about sugar? Taken care of; no worries about your restrictions from added sugars (Cross Fit, Paleo, Keto Diabetics, etc.) We only rely on what nature provides naturally in each vegetable.

No need to rush the process either, good things develop best over time. We still make kimchi by hand in small batches, using.  Next, we ferment the kimchi in our fermentation cave.  We believe in a longer fermentation cycle. As a result, this increases the health benefit of this Super-food. Our belief is the older the better but that’s up to your personal taste. Some like it “picklier” but it’s hard not to eat so fast.

Classify our kimchi as sour kimchi, as we don’t make fresh kimchi found in restaurants; what’s the point?  This Spicy Vegan Kimchi- No Sugar is our SPICY level kimchi.


Napa Cabbage, Korean Radish, Asian Chives, Green Onion, Umami Mix, Garlic, Ginger, Korean Red Pepper (not too spicy), and Sweet Rice Flour (No Gluten here folks).


++SHIPPING++  This product is shipped in a glass jar and may leak during shipping. It’s contained in a food-safe bag to contain any leakage.  It’s still very safe to eat. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Addictively delicious

I usually order three jars at a time and they never last two weeks. This is one of those foods where I can go to the fridge with a fork, open a jar, and next thing I know a big chunk is gone. I'm very sensitive to both flavors and textures and this kimchi scores an absolute A+ on both!


I always felt the mild was hot enough for me. I purchased the hot because mild was sold out. In a strange way the mild still appears hotter. In another way I can't explain the hot version is hotter than mild. All I can say is the hot version has a richer taste and I love it. I could eat the jar in one sitting if I let myself lose control. I do have a South Korean friend that tried the mild version. She said it reminded her of home.

Willard W. Combes
Best Ever

I love this kimchi and have ordered it several times. However, the highest compliment I can give is that my daughter and son-in-law, who live in South Korea, visited me here in Ohio last month, and they went nuts over Madge's Kimchi. They eat kimchi every day in S. Korea, and, of course, there are thousands of varieties and variants there. For them to rave about Madge's is a testament to just how outstanding this kimchi is! I eat it straight from the jar. It is still active when it arrives, and it continues to develop in the fridge, if I let it last that long. Excellent product. I am glad my wife stumbled onto it!

Pam Cochran
Best Kimchi

This is my favorite Kimchi! Everything I love: spicy, no seafood and no added sugar. Shipping is fast. Glad I no longer have to make my own. Thanks!


My 3rd order love this kimchi great taste