Keto Kimchi Concoction

Keto-friendly Kimchi & Broth drink 😋

We always talk about how our Kimchi is full of amazing probiotics and it’s importance to gut health. Now, we’ve paired it with Fond Bone Broth to create this flavorful and nutritious concoction.

Simple Recipe to fix at home:
- one part kimchi
- one part (heated)  Fond Bone Broth
-Serve and enjoy! 😋

Here are some great benefits of bone broth if you’ve never tried it before:

🍖 Gut Healthy, bone broth provides valuable amino acids, the building blocks of cells for the gut lining

🍖 Rich in Vitamins and Nutrients, including calcium, magnesium, protein, and Vitamins A, B, C & K

🍖 Can Help Soothes Inflammation in the respiratory system and the digestive system

🍖 Rich in Collagen, aids in healthy and plump skin, and nail & hair growth

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