The Perfect {Fermented} Michelada 🍻

⁣Ingredients for Base:⁣
•Madge's Food Company Fermented Bloody Mix ⁣
Available in Regular or Spicy⁣
•Mexican Beer of Choice - we used Corona Light⁣

•Chamoy for the rim⁣
•Tajín for the rim⁣
•Lemon or Lime⁣
•anything else to achieve your perfect Michelada⁣


1. On two small separate plates, place enough Tajín and Chamoy to cover the bottom. ⁣
2. Rub the rim of your glass in the Chamoy, followed by dipping it into the Tajín getting a generous coat. ⁣
3. Fill your glass with ice. ⁣
4. Pour in half of your Madge’s Mix.⁣
5. Pour in your favorite Mexican beer.⁣
6. Give it a stir if you like it mixed.⁣
7. Garnish with a lime/lemon wedges and your favorite garnishes!⁣
8. Enjoy!⁣

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